How to Get Yourself Back Into Dating Easily

Are you one of the many men who feel like you are master of the dating game and don’t need any advice on how to deal with women.. While for some it could be true, for others this line of thinking would just lead to trouble in the end. By taking the wrong approach when dating and not looking for advice, you could simply end up attracting the wrong type of women. Or having dates where none of you are actually enjoying themselves. If you are interested in finding some solid dating advice for men, then there is plenty of information available here on this site.

So what are the best pieces of dating advice for men? There are many, but some are more important than others. One of the most important ones is not to just sit there and complain about things in your life. Complaining about what your ex did, what your mother did, how bad your job is, how upset you are that your favorite sports team seems to lose all the time, etc. not the best thing to do on a date is.

It will simply make you look like you are just interested in talking about yourself and are using the occasion to vent all your life’s problems and frustrations. During a date, the conversation should go both ways. Find out what she’s interested in, what she likes. It is a good opportunity to learn more about each other.

Focus on the positive things in life and not just on what is going wrong in it. Keep it light and funny. Listen to what she is saying and ask questions. If she is doing about 75% of the talking, chances are she is having a good enough time. Maybe its a good enough time to give you a second date. Just get back into the game of dating.

However, staying positive doesn’t mean that you should just keep bragging about yourself either. Telling her how cool your car is, how many trophies and medals you’ve received when you were playing sports in high school, or bragging for 20 minutes about how cool you are since the prince of Monaco invited you to a party in his palace is a bad idea. Tell a joke, like “So, you think Charlie Sheen is still winning” use what is in the media that week.

To many women, this will make you sound like a sleazy salesman that is trying to sell some questionable and overpriced product by showing you the “amazing features” it comes with. It could also make her feel like you are being condescending and are constantly reminding her that you’re better than her.

Plus, going with this approach could mean that the only women who will be actually interested in sticking around with you would be doing this just to use you for money and status. They don’t truly care for you as a person, but only to brag to their friends that “Oh! I’m going out with a guy who is so rich and who drives a Lamborghini! Yayy!”.

And another tip to remember is simply the basics like how to prepare well for the date. Take a shower before, shave and dress appropriately for where you are going. Your date may not be too happy if she spent an hour getting ready while all you did was grab random clothes lying on the floor and bolted out the door to go meet her.

What a Man Can Do to Begin Dating After Divorce

night date with drinksIs dating after divorce for men something that can be done well? Actually, many guys have no problems getting back into the dating game after a divorce. But of course, being divorced is something that can bring a few complications. For this reason, men who are considering dating after a divorce should follow a couple guidelines to make sure everything is going to be in order. The good thing is that these guidelines are not rules that are set in stone and that you will have to follow to the T. Feel free to read them, analyze them and adapt them to your own unique situation.

The Final Stage of the Divorce

This is where you will be getting the paperwork in order and preparing for the divorce to become official. As you are not divorced yet, you will need to be on your best behavior here. Showing that you’re willing to have new romantic encounters while your divorce is not even final yet can have some very bad effects on how you look like in divorce court. So the best idea would be to avoid dating completely until the divorce is final and official. This reduces the chance of complicating the divorce proceedings needlessly.

When You’re Officially Single Again

An important piece for dating after divorce for men is to completely let go of your previous marriage. The paperwork has been done and finalized and you should treat your previous relationship in exactly the same way. If you still talk to your ex every weekend to catch up on how your lives are gong, then maybe it’s not a good idea for you to start dating yet. If the majority of your stuff is still after her place, even though you no longer live there, then you should wrap things up and move them over to your place. You just can’t let go and also hold on to some elements of your previous relationship all at the same time. It just won’t work. This would be the equivalent of hitting the brakes and the gas at the same time.

Once you’re fully over your ex, you may begin dating again. But an important element here would be that you don’t need to rush back into dating. Don’t let your friends and your family push you into going back to dating immediately.

If you do decide that you’re over your past relationship and want to date again, make sure you’re actually doing it because you truly feel like dating and not because you want to get some revenge on your ex or prove to her that you don’t care anymore.

The last tip would be to improve yourself. This could be both physically and intellectually. Start going to the gym again if you haven’t been doing much exercise when you were married. Start caring about things other than reality TV and sports. Single women like men who seem educated and intelligent and not just physically good looking.

Supportive friends, healthy self-esteem, and a little patience are some of the keys to get back into the dating scene.

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A Secret For Women to Know When Going on a Date to Find the Right Guy

If you really want to find the right guy and actually make dating a fun experience for you, then there are certain things you need to keep in mind. There is nothing complicated about them either and they will definitely be helpful no matter who you are. There are useful and realistic dating tips for women on this site

dating advive for womenDon’t play games – they will get you nowhere fast. If what you want is an actual relationship that will be meaningful and fulfilling, then you have to act like you do. Be sincere and honest with yourself and with your man. Those who act this way end up having the best quality relationships.

Clever tricks and schemes like in the soap opera “Seinfeld” belong on TV and not in real life. These TV shows are “fiction” and not “how to guides”. If you behave like an actress, you will end up like many characters in these shows: unhappy with their love life and frustrated.

Go for a man that is attentive to you. This means one that gives you advance notice if he wants to go on a date and has actual plans as to where you will be going. He should also pay full attention to you during the date. If he doesn’t, it clearly shows that you don’t mean too much for him.

Give your date some attention too. Spending 50% of the time texting, updating your Facebook status or engaging in empty gossip with your friends on your cell phone is quite rude. Unless the President himself calls you to save the country, don’t pick up your cell phone when you’re on a date. You have plenty of time to do this when he’s not around.

Don’t easily get distracted when you are shopping and act like he’s not even there while you check out 30 different pairs of shoes. If you want a guy that’s attentive and respectful, you have to act that way too.

Avoid talking about your exes. There may be some times where you would talk about your ex boyfriend, ex husband or former love interests, but these things should always be kept out of the first stages of dating, since they are essentially irrelevant at this point. Also, never try to compare a guy you are dating to your ex.

Don’t waste your time – or his. This is perhaps one of the most important dating tips for women. Trust your instincts. If things just don’t seem right or if you know he won’t be the kind of guy that you would want a relationship with, then accept this and move on.

Don’t keep him until you’re able to find someone who is better. Don’t think that you can “change” him in just a few dates. It’s not going to happen. All you would be doing is wasting your own time, as well as his. If you feel that you should just move on, then do it.

Dating can sometimes be like looking for a job. You end up browsing the online dating sites, going to meet for coffee and tea, expecting the person across from you will be right one for you but they are not, but take the time to recognize when someone is good for you. It just may be him…  Read more on the phrase “turning single”

Telling Your New Dating Partners About Your Divorce

Couple Talking About Past DivorceDivorce is a part of reality, whether we want it or now. According to statistics, anywhere from 40 to 50 percent of marriages will end up in divorce. Even though dating after a divorce may seem more complicated, it can still be done and it is still possible to form a new and meaningful relationship, regardless of your past.

One thing not to do when dating after divorce for women is to try and hide your past as if you’re ashamed of it. Part of moving on includes accepting what happened and going forward.

Revealing your previous marriage to a new dating partner is definitely a touchy subject. But there are some ways to make it easier.

Dating after divorce:  When to reveal your past

If you’re going through a divorce right now, tell your partner right away. Don’t try to skirt around the issue and don’t say that you’re already divorced if you’re merely starting to go through the proceedings. Many times, the man you’re dating will be accepting of what you’re going through and supportive. But if it makes him uncomfortable, it is still better to end things right away then later. A divorce is something that will affect you a lot and there’s no need to add further stress than you’re already going through right now.

Giving more details, like why your marriage ended up failing or how your relationship with your ex was should be saved for later on, at a time where you will both be more comfortable in knowing more about each other. Remember that your date will want to learn more about you in the beginning, not about your former marriage and relationships.

If you speak about your previous partner, be neutral about it. This is perhaps one of the most important pieces of advice for dating after divorce for women. If you spend all the time criticizing your ex, you will come out as self involved and vengeful. Even though you may feel some anger and resentment against your ex, your new date doesn’t need to know the details of this. On the other hand, if you keep on praising your ex and reminiscing of all the wonderful things you’ve done together, then this will convey the message that you are still not over the previous relationship and are still romantically attached to your ex. This is the sort of thing that will make any men feel quite uncomfortable and question as to whether you will truly be able to move on and form a new relationship with them.

If you have kids, then you should reveal this up front. This is because you will need to plan your love life around your kids and their needs. But there is also the issue that some men will be quite uncomfortable dating someone who has had kids from a previous relationship. If this is going to be a deal breaker for him, then it is better that he knows this immediately, thus saving you from wasting your time with someone that you probably won’t be able to form a good relationship with.

Dating After a Divorce if You Have Children

couple dating with children after divorceIs dating after divorce with children possible? Yes, but there are certain things that you would need to keep in mind if you do that. Dating is certainly possible after a divorce, but if you have kids then it is important for you to consider how they can be affected by the divorce. The degree to which this can happen will vary depending on the age of your children and how you do your dating. Here are some tips that can help you date after divorce while minimizing any potential negative impacts that this could have on your children.

Reassure your children. They will want to know that they will not be any less important to you now that you’ve started dating again. No matter how you feel about your dating partner, your kids should always come first. If your children are able to feel that they will still stay as important to you as they were before, then it is less likely that they will be affected in a bad way. Don’t let your dating have an impact on the normal activities that you will have with your children. It is important that they feel like you are still paying attention to them.

Avoid introducing casual dates to your kids. After a divorce, you may not feel ready to get into a committed relationship right away and may just look to date casually. There is nothing wrong with that, but introducing your kids to all your partners is not a good move. Children can become attached to a person a lot easier than adults. Having a new dating partner every two weeks will just cause your children stress and they will eventually stop caring and not be willing to trust someone if you do get into a more stable and serious relationship later on. This can definitely make things a lot more complicated the day you get a steady partner, so it needs to be avoided as much as possible.

Listen to your childrens feelings. When dating after divorce with children, your kids may be have concerns about your dating. Listen and acknowledge their feelings. While talking with your children about their feelings, there are certain things that can make you uncomfortable. But reacting with anger, or ignoring the way that your kids feel about your new relationships is not the right way to go about thing.

Don’t force your children to see your new partner. Never force a child to meet your new date if they have expressed that they are not comfortable with that idea. Forcing your new relationships down their throats is a bad idea and will do a lot more harm then good. Your children must be given enough time to adapt to a new person that is part of your life. If you handle things well and you give your kids time, they will eventually be more likely to accept this new relationship and view it in a more positive life.